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Roberts Stone 
Custom Granite, Marble & Quartz Fabrication Process

This is how we do it!


The first thing you need to do is schedule an estimate or measure. If you are having new cabinets installed and  you have kitchen cabinet designs, you can email the drawings to us and we will estimate from your cabinet designs. If you are using your existing cabinets and would like a professional to come to your home and measure, you can schedule a free estimate and we come to you


Fabrication is the time after template when we cut your stone to the exact specifications measured at template. After template we purchase your slabs from the importer and this is when your materials actually go onto the saw and are cut. It is important that nothing from the time of template is changed so that your materilal is perfectly cut.


If you  have approved your estimate and you are ready to move forward with material selections, this is the next step.  One of our professionals will happily escort you to the stone imorters to hand select your custom material for your project.  This is a great time to bring color swatches, samples, cabinet doors, or any other things to help your designer assist you in selecting the perfect material for your project. We walk you through the entire process


Installation is when we bring the cut slabs to the jobs site. At this time we can do a tear out of existing material or we may be working with new cabinets that do not have existing countertops.  if you have existing countertops being removed we ask that all objects are cleared of your tops so they can be removed without additional effort. If your project is new construction or new cabinets, we ask that all other project workers be free from the area and the area is unobstructed at time of install for easy access to the work area.


Template is when the team at Roberts Stone comes to your home to do and exact measure of cuts for your selected stone.  If you are providing your own sink, this is the time when you should have your sink and faucets purchased and on site for the templater to measure for precision.  If you are purchasing a sinkk through Roberts Stone, you will not need to have sink on site. We do not furnish faucets so they will need to be on site at time of template.


Roberts Stone does not perform plumbing. You will need to schedule a plumber to disconnect and reconnect your plumbing.
All plumbing fixtures will need to be onsite at time of template for measure.  Check you water shut off valves to make sure they are operational before install. If water shut off valves are not operational at time of install, the main water supply will need to be shut off.  Your plumber can help you with this process. Again have a plumber scheduled for disconnect and reconnect of water. We suggest 12 - 24 hours for water reconnections after granite and sink install

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